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Chatbot AI

About the service

Automation of processes

Process efficiency is important in every company. Is it possible to automate important processes? Many activities are repeated and therefore can be standardized. The time savings can be quite significant.

Chatbot as an assistant

A chatbot can answer most questions about products and services. It helps in mediating potential inquiries. It allows you to schedule a consultation with a specialist, or redirects communication to an employee.

AI artificial intelligence

We will choose a specific solution based on what capabilities you require. The chatbot can follow a pre-prepared scheme, or it can be trained based on inputs. Each solution is selected with your requirements in mind.


How is it going to help you?

An intelligent assistant that creates a new communication channel.

Sales Support

A tireless helper that relieves your support from routine activities.

● New sales channel
● Generating inquiries
● Analytical information
● Useful statistics
● Artificial intelligence

Customer Service

Nonstop customer service that works for you autonomously.

● 24/7 customer service
● Simplification of work
● Service improvement
● Excellent overview
● Connection to CRM

Digital assistant

The system helps non-stop with questions from customers. You can focus on more important activities. You don’t have to give up personal communication, but it will take it to a new level. Routine activities will be handled by AI and you will take care of more demanding tasks.


Videobot will use video to provide information in the most natural form – images and sound. If you want to give your business a multimedia dimension, we will help with the preparation of the video and the entire implementation.



We analyze your intent. We will propose a solution.



We create a chatbot according to the assignment.



We will put the chatbot into live operation.



We evaluate reactions and debug the system.


How does

The chatbot is ready exactly according to your imagination.

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