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Search engine optimization

About the service

Search engine optimisation

The main purpose of site optimisation is to be attractive for search engines. It is a set of procedures or measures that lead to the improved searchability of your website on the Internet. 

SEO analysis

SEO analysis is an important step towards understanding the current situation. All the shortcomings and strengths are assessed and you will get a clear overview of your site. Some problems can be solved easily, while others are more complex and will require more effort.

Keyword analysis

Is used to assess the suitability of your keywords, your position, searchability and the degree of competition. You will be surprised how much information can be accurately measured. We use proven solutions that give you a clear and understandable view of the current situation.


How is it going to help you?

It will improve your position when people search for your goods and services. Your websites will appear for important keywords in organic search.

On‑page SEO

Improves the quality of the site from the perspective of search engines.

● Speed up website loading
● Correct descriptions
● Logical page structure
● Structured data on the page
● Optimised images

Off-page SEO

Improving online searchability in a natural way.

● Increase website traffic
● Better website performance
● Supply of quality traffic
● Long-term effect
● Increase site authority

Quality SEO

Google displays the most relevant results when you search. That is, those that are presumed to have the greatest informational value to the user in the given context. It has to be said that algorithms are constantly changing, and with them, the factors that are taken into account in the search also change.

Building backlinks

Building a good link profile on Google is time consuming, but it is an invaluable source of organic traffic. There are no shortcuts to success, so we do not recommend any tactics leading to the goal too quickly. We implement SEO in accordance with generally recommended approaches.



We create interesting SEO articles.



We publish the articles on portals and blogs.



We follow backlinks from published articles.



We inform you about all the activities.


How does
cooperation work?

Creating backlinks is a long-term process where the right strategy matters. The process begins with the design of keywords and the identification of suitable portals for publication. This is followed by publication and the monitoring of keyword position.


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