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Video marketing

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Video advertisement

YouTube is the second largest search network in the world. With video advertising, you can reach a large number of your target group, at acceptable costs for reaching. There are several types of video ad formats and each has its own goal. When choosing them, we will advise you with regard to your marketing goals. It is possible to use an existing clip or create a new spot according to your wishes.

Demand generation campaigns

This is a new type of campaign introduced by Google. Demand generation campaigns help increase demand and improve business results on YouTube. This campaign also replaces the previously used Discovery campaign. Image ads appear in the Discover channel and also in Gmail. Using one campaign, your message can be displayed on multiple platforms.

Artificial intelligence

The video ads and image ads used will be optimally displayed on multiple platforms with the help of artificial intelligence. The form of advertising is adapted to a specific context and offers an extended possibility of interaction with the video. With the help of one video campaign, it is thus possible to reach a large number of creatives and convey the message in a new way.


How is it going to help you?

With the help of a video campaign, it is possible to reach potential customers with the aim of deciding to buy.

YouTube advertising

A trusted, reliable and powerful value-added platform.

● Eye-catching visual options
● Greater credibility
● Excellent targeting options
● Smart statistics
● Artificial intelligence

Video campaign

Multi-format promotion in the largest Google ecosystem.

● Demand generation
● Measuring conversions
● Feed products from GMC
● Powerful formats
● Suitable for retargeting

YouTube advertising

Video campaigns appear on YouTube, YouTube Shorts, the Discover channel, and Gmail. They are ideal for social media users who like visually attractive ad formats. The goal is to help potential customers decide on a purchase. An engaging advertising experience can be viewed on all types of devices, including mobile devices.

Video marketing

We will prepare an advertising video for you using artificial intelligence or use your own video. The videos are very realistic and incomparably more advantageous than classic videos. We will also provide language mutation to other languages. We will take care of your YouTube channel, set up everything necessary.



We analyse the industry, the situation and the plans.



We propose a strategy leading to your objective.



We run campaign and optimise for performance.



We keep you informed of all the activities.


How does
cooperation work?

A YouTube video campaign must be carefully prepared with the specifics of the client in mind. After launch, the campaign needs to be monitored and constantly optimized.

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