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Branding by Digital Partner Studio


Graphic design

Everything around us is created for a purpose. Whether it is pleasant to use and easy to control is determined by its design. It is also important for the proper functioning of digital products. Good design will provide the customer with a pleasant user experience.

Graphics for social media

We will prepare eye-catching visual material that will represent you. We will create a unique graphic style that will make you easily recognizable. If you already have your own identity, we will build on it so that uniformity is maintained. Graphics can be shared on all social media or used for other purposes.

Video and animations

In addition to static images, we can also prepare motion graphics in the form of video. We will move your photos, infographics and give them a new dimension. Trailers, short videos and product information can be dynamic in nature. You get content that catches your eye and provides more information during viewing.


How is it going to help you?

Every brand evokes certain emotions in us. Having a good brand is an advantage for a company and they can build on it. However, the brand needs to be built first.

For an entrepreneur

Creative collaboration that takes you forward. Main advantages include:

● All under one roof
● Marketing advice
● We meet the deadlines
● Individual approach
● Fast delivery and flexibility

For a marketer

A strong brand brings a number of benefits with it. Here are some:

● Reduced search costs
● Loyalty and trust in the brand
● A powerful communication
● Competitive advantage
● A permanent business asset


We will create a brand that represents your business and clearly defines you. Branding is a broad concept that needs to be considered strategically in the overall context. Suggesting an appropriate name and checking the availability of the domain for the brand are standard parts of the process.


Brands age like everything else in our lives. People’s tastes change over time, and brands also need to adapt to change. We can give old brands a makeover as well as a modern look and content. We update the visual style and manner of communication in line with current trends. We will reinvigorate the brand and breathe a new, modern style into it.


We develop a concept of visual communication.


We prepare a creative proposal.


We incorporates your comments and opinions.


We create the final work and hand it over it.


How does
cooperation work?

You are consulted throughout the creation prepare so your ideas are expressed as accurately as possible and to minimise alterations.


Sample of our works


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