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Pay Per Click Management by Digital Partner Agency

YouTube video advertising

YouTube is the second largest search network in the world. People come here for fun or education. With video advertising, you can reach out to a large part of your audience at a very reasonable cost. There are several types of video ad formats, and each has a goal. When selecting them, we will advise you with regard to your marketing goals. You can use an existing clip or create a new ad the way you want.


Advertising on Google

You’ll attract more customers when they’re looking for what you’re offering. Advertising can target an exact region or area at a time when it is of the utmost importance. PPC advertising can bring new visitors to your site. It can encourage them to take the desired action or reach out to hesitant visitors. It can be advertised on a search or display network or directly on YouTube and partner sites.

Text advertising

Google search is an integral part of most people’s lives. Whether you’re interested in the current weather forecast, the nearest restaurant or the best price for goods, Google can help you find relevant results. We’ll help you find the most searched words for your business. We will optimise and implement advertising campaigns that will bring visitors to your website.

Banner advertising

Google ads can also be run across different portals and magazines in the form of banners or texts. With eye-catching banners, you can reach and redirect visitors to your website. Advertising can also be targeted by specific groups or by union focus. If you want to raise awareness of your brand, advertising on your display network can be good for that.


How is it going to help you?

Advertising on Google is an effective way to make your business more visible. You can target and reach your customers when they search for your products or services. With the display network, customers can be contacted again and reminded of your offer.

Search network

Text ads are implemented on this network. Their main pros include.

● Used to stimulate action
● Pay based on clicks on the ad
● You can get on the first page
● Quickly increase site traffic
● Increase the conversion rate

Display network

Banner ads or video ads are implemented on this network.

● Improve brand awareness
● Pay per thousand views
● Can reach a wide audience
● Interesting multimedia formats
● Suitable for remarketing

Remarketing campaigns

This term means addressing prior visitors to your site for the second time. The campaign may be targeted at this audience. You can remind them with an attractive offer and push them through the purchasing decision-making process. Remarketing is an effective method that is often used to attract visitors to return to your site.

Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max campaigns are a new type of advertising campaign that Google recently introduced. As the name suggests, they are aimed at increasing performance using machine learning. They offer the same functions as smart shopping campaigns and local campaigns, but in addition you get more options to reach your potential customers.

1. Analysis

As a first step, we thoroughly analyse the industry in which you do business, the situation and your plans.

2. Strategy

On the basis of the set objectives, we will propose a strategy leading to your objective.

3. Advertising

We will design and run advertising that we will monitor over time and optimise for performance.

4. Evaluation

We will keep you informed of all the activities we have carried out and the proposals for improvement.


How does cooperation work?

Effective Google advertising needs to be carefully prepared and continuously optimised. At the beginning of the cooperation, we work on analytical activities, the results of which we then apply in the next step. We continuously monitor the performance of advertising campaigns and continuously improve.


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