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Half of e-shops in the Czech market are already using the Shoptet ecommerce platform. If you also use this popular platform, we will provide you with a specialised service as a certified Shoptet partner. Through online marketing, we will create the conditions for smooth and efficient sales of your products.


Why eCommerce?

We could refer to eCommerce as digital sales of products and services. It is an area that has been growing for a long time and it is also interesting in terms of volume. It is estimated that, due to the current situation, it will develop even faster and more dynamically. This trend can be observed not only in our country but also internationally. We can all agree that eCommerce is now a very timely topic for every entrepreneur.

Sales orientation

Creating a good e-shop is not an easy thing to do at all. An e-shop, as a form of online business, is an extensive and complex topic. Many areas need to be managed and must operate smoothly and pursue the same objective. In addition to the technical aspect itself, it is important to arrange online advertising and SEO in the e-shop. Without quality performance marketing, your objectives may not be fulfilled. It is online marketing that can determine whether or not you will be successful.

Performance marketing

In the case of an e-shop, performance marketing is fully focused on achieving the best sales results. Google offers effective advertising for product sales in the form of Google Shopping advertising. With that, it is possible to effectively advertise a large number of products. Appropriate tools and experience are needed to do this.


How is it going to help you?

A well-planned online strategy brings you tangible results in financial terms. You can evaluate everything directly and indirectly.

Sale of products

It is the most common deployment area. What can you expect from us?

● Improving the ROI of your funds
● We focus on sales and objectives
● We provide regular reporting
● Data-based explanation
● We pay attention to deadlines

Sale of services

Services can also be sold over the Internet. But, there are specific aspects:

● Depends on the kind of service
● Standardisation of the service
● Connection to your systems
● Cost optimisation
● We are consultants for you

Communication strategy

We will prepare a communication strategy and recommend appropriate campaigns. We will defend and implement the proposed solution. We are not surprised by product xml feeds that contain several thousand products, even in several languages. We manage them effectively using appropriate and proven tools. We have a wealth of experience with all this.

Marketing consultation

If the marketing strategy is too complex a document for you and you need to consult about a specific problem, please contact us. We also provide marketing advice at an hourly rate. We’ll advise you on a problem that may have caught you by surprise, where outside advice would help you. Discretion and commitment of confidentiality is a matter of course.

1. Analysis

We will discuss your current market situation in detail from different points of view.

2. Strategy proposal

We will prepare a strategy based on your current situation, taking your specifics into account.

3. Implementation

Once approved, we will start implementing individual campaigns and SEO steps.

4. Reporting

We will keep you informed of all the activities we have carried out and the proposals for improvement.


How does cooperation work?

Whether you are a novice or an existing e-shop, we will always try to go through the process with you. The difference will only be in the emphasis on the individual steps in the preparation.


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