Digital sales of products and services

Performance marketing for eshop


Digital transformation

Today’s world is turning digital. More and more activities are digitized. In business, ecommerce is an important part of many companies. It helps them in digital sales of products and services. To achieve higher efficiency, routine processes are automated. Ecommerce is a current topic for every entrepreneur.

Performance marketing

In the case of an e-shop, performance marketing is fully focused on achieving the best sales results. Google offers effective advertising for product sales in the form of Google Shopping advertising. With that, it is possible to effectively advertise a large number of products. Appropriate tools and experience are needed to do this.

Shoptet partner

Half of e-shops in the Czech market are already using the Shoptet ecommerce platform. If you also use this popular platform, we will provide you with a specialised service as a certified Shoptet partner. Through online marketing, we will create the conditions for smooth and efficient sales of your products.


How is it going to help you?

Well-set online marketing brings tangible results in financial terms as well. Everything is measurable and you can evaluate the effectiveness.

Sale of products

It is the most common deployment area. What can you expect from us?

● Improving the ROI of funds
● Focus on sales and objectives
● We provide regular reporting
● Data-based explanation
● We pay attention to deadlines

Sale of services

Services can also be sold over the Internet. There are specific aspects:

● Depends on the kind of service
● Standardisation of the service
● Connection to your systems
● Cost optimisation
● We are consultants for you

Email marketing

Newsletters and email communication are inherently part of ecommerce. We will ensure the preparation of the newsletter on a regular basis. If its preparation is too much of a burden for you, leave it to us. We will create an engaging newsletter that we will send to your customers and evaluate the success of the event.

Graphic design

Every e-shop should also be visually appealing. Different ecommerce platforms have different technical requirements. We will prepare attractive graphics, such as banners, elements or animations. Elements will be seamlessly deployed on systems like Shoptet, WooCommerce and others.


We discuss your current market situation.


We prepare a strategy based on your situation.


We start implementing digital campaigns.


We keep you informed of all the activities.


How does
cooperation work?

It is good to go through this process, especially if you are starting an e-shop or expanding your business. We recommend for any significant change to your processes.


Sample of our works


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