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Web Design In the WordPress

WordPress and SEO

An SEO plugin can also be additionally installed on each website created using WordPress, which can effectively set up the basic SEO. There are several proven solutions. We recommend that you deploy it to your site and make the basic SEO setting.


The most popular editorial system

WordPress is a popular editorial system that has won the hearts of users running 43% of all sites. WordPress is popular because it is easy to administer. The owner can make simple adjustments themselves, without knowledge of programming. It is suitable for smaller projects, for e-shop solutions, but also for large projects. Proof of the success that WordPress is experiencing is the fact that many large companies have switched to this platform.

Web design

Websites created in WordPress have several advantages. This editorial system is now at the stage that it has been successfully developed. It got a lot of attention from developers and designers, who have created a large number of themes and plugins for it. Among the advantages is rapid creation at a low cost. It is the cost of development and maintenance that is much lower than other solutions.

WordPress and Google

WordPress was originally established as a blogging platform from which it has retained its strengths to this day. Therefore, with the correct deployment of SEO on your site, you can improve your positions in organic search. WordPress introduced a new content editor for its 5th version, which takes the entire system to the next level. In the new version, editing text is easier and more intuitive.


How is it going to help you?

According to the requirements, we will prepare a tailor-made solution that will look good and is friendly for users. We will show you the administration of the system and provide support for the future.

WordPress solution

It is a recognised and popular platform that has great support.

● Language localisation
● Continuous system development
● Ideal blogging platform
● Low costs for maintenance
● Easy administration

Turnkey solution

We will create a solution from start to finish. We know how to do this.

● Create tailor-made websites
● Fast development and training time
● System support and management
● Modern web design
● Training of system administration

Responsive design

Today, there is increasing emphasis on mobile searches. Google prefers sites that are well optimised and fast. Most customers are less patient and expect faster loading. Pages in WordPress can also be viewed on small screens because it directly supports responsive functionality.

Support and management

Even after you create your website, you will not be left alone. We provide support as well as WordPress solution management. If you need modifications or new functionality, you can receive it directly from us. You can do regular maintenance of the system yourself or leave it to us. You can concentrate on your main business.

1. Analysis

We will create a functional prototype of the solution based on which we will collect your feedback.

2. Design of the solution

We will create a functional prototype of the solution based on which we will collect your feedback.

3. Development

We will prepare a WordPress solution, which will undergo testing and optimisation.

4. Starting and training

We will introduce the project and train you to operate the system.


How is the cooperation carried out?

The creation of websites takes place in the form of a project which involves a lot of detailed work. Each project undergoes several phases which can be divided into the stages below.


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We will support your business

If you are interested in cooperation or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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